1. Broken’s Tumblr is almost all set up! I’m crap at making websites, so until I have time to design and commission one, Rec and I agreed to start things off here on Tumblr. We both love the community and are hopelessly hooked on it anyway, so why not?

    I also decided once either my blog, Rec’s blog, or this blog reaches 1,000 followers, I’ll start posting weekly pages of Broken here. Whichever one reaches 1k followers first! And we’re closer to that number than you might think. That should still give me enough time while I continue turning Rec’s script into pages.

    Reblogs of this are much appreciated to help get word out!


    broken comic webcomic tumblr comic ???
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    I am excite to see what Zim is cooking up! :D
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    Go Zimmay! Looking forward to seeing this :)
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    wat is it :v?
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    this demands everyone immediate attention
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    If you truly love me, then you’ll start following this blog. Also, if you like good fantasy-with-a-dollop-of-horror...
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